I began to think about my white series again particularly in relation to the specific conditions of atmosphere and light there. I feel that the images taken on that trip worked especially well with this overexposed, low contrast approach. While I still enjoy the original series taken in the west, the feeling of briny estuaries and the reflection of the sun on an endless ocean horizon are especially relevant. The original intent was to invoke a sense of progression towards some other state of awareness such as death and the associated white light. The bleaching effect of the sun for me seems like a slower, more palpable version of this idea.

Imagine first that your hearing is greatly diminished to the point where there is nothing but a gentle shhh sound such as a continual and never ending wave meeting the shore. This is followed by the margins of your vision growing brighter. This effect continues inward from the periphery until a soft white light persists. Towards the center in every direction it is faintly more luminous creating a sense of vastness and ambiguous depth. In this way it is the same in all directions.

I'm working on these photos with the goal of a newsprint / newspaper format edition to be released in the spring in anticipation of a change in temperature and season.
I'll post images of it when printed.