While my White series is ongoing and will take some time to gather the right selection of images, I've started a project of found images which will form a similarly styled book. These images are all of the American west and many are crops and edits of Native American culture around the turn of the century. The book has yet to be titled and will incorporate text pieces as well. It will be 11x17 xerox on newsprint in an estimated edition of 50 plus A.P.



that image is glorious, looking forward to this!

Nicholas Gottlund said...

so many of these images are evocative in that kind of large scale / big sky way.

thanks, it'll be finished soon!

Hannah.5¢ said...

is this one from the book you borrowed?
its very nice.

Nicholas Gottlund said...

yeah, it's a cropped part of one of them.

i scanned your twisty rainbow too :)